Experience our modular rotating basket washers designed for in-line Precision Cleaning of complex parts.

Rotating basket washer

This is our chamber washer with 360°rotation of the basket during the cleaning process, in addition when having sensitive parts, it is possible to run a washing program with tipping or standstill of the basket. This cleaning system is very suitable for washing small complex parts in baskets, since it is most often not necessary to position the parts during the cleaning process, as well as to wash large complex parts such as hydraulic blocks or similar.

This cleaning system is modular, so you can have it as an all-in-one solution where both washing, rinsing and drying are carried out in a chamber. Alternatively, each individual process is offered in several chambers, so we get separated the wash and rinse water and thereby minimize cross-contamination and significantly reduce the process time depending on the application. This type of cleaning system can be offered with both spray washing, ultrasonic cleaning, hot air and vacuum drying in a single chamber or multiple modules.

All our Rotoline cleaning systems are manufactured in Scandinavia and functionality and quality are paramount, which is clearly reflected in the capacity of a total of 150 kg per basket. This robust construction ensures that you also have a well-functioning cleaning system for many years to come, and we are with you all the way so that the equipment is serviced correctly.

Rotoline cleaning systems are offered with 1-8 modules and tailored to your task so that you always achieve the desired result and adhere to your cleanliness requirements in production all year round. You are very welcome to contact us for more information or read more on the product page.


Oils and lubricants

We have delivered a wide range of different industrial cleaning systems to remove oils and lubricants from machined parts and maintenance components. We can clean almost any surface made of metal, plastic, glass etc.

Which type of industrial cleaning equipment such as ultrasonic cleaning or spraywash depends on the specific needs of the customer.

Rust and corrosion

We effectively remove corrosion using our neutral waterbased cleaning chemical combined with ultrasonic cleaning equipment. This solution removes both old and new rust from maintenance parts etc.. The solution is very environmental friendly and effective.


We have great expertise in removing paint from a large variation of parts. Typically we are removing paint from hooks, fixtures, pumps, painting pistols and nozzles.

Our solutions can remove both liquid and hardened paint which is mainly done with ultrasonic cleaning.


We have a expertise in removing both hardened and liquid epoxy from parts. Which in some cases can be a hard job depending on the type of epoxy.The key to removing epoxy effectively is having the right cleaning chemical and machine for the type of parts and form of epoxy that is being removed.

3D Print: SLA, FDM, Polyjet

We have an extensive knowledge in ultrasonic cleaning of components after 3D-printing, and offer both standard- and customized solutions for the application. We have a complete range of both cleaning machines and water-based cleaning chemicals for removing epoxy and support materials.

Rubber parts

We manufacture cleaning machines for rubber-parts in both the medical- food- and metalindustry. Every machine is customized for the user to meet the specific requirements of the application.

Thermal deburring

We have a wide expertise in cleaning both large- and small components after thermal deburring. During the deburring process a oxide-layer is created on the parts which has to be removed in the production process.
This layer is most efficiently removed using an ultrasonic cleaning system, and specialized chemicals optimized for the application. 

Wire-spark cutting

Efficiently clean the parts after wire-spark cutting, removing the surface layer after the process and achieving the original metal-surface from before the process. The cleaning process is efficiently carried out using ultrasonic cleaning and a special developed cleaning chemical for this purpose.


This is our rotating basket system designed for high precision cleaning of complex parts. It is designed in modules and customized to meet customer requirements.

Available modules:
– Ultrasonic cleaning
– Spray washing
– High-flow flooding
– Hot air drying
– Vacuum drying