Pure water without salt, minerals and limestone

It’s essential to precision cleaning applications using the highest quality water, and for this reason we provide several standardized water treatment systems based. It’s reverse osmosis systems with pre-treatment(softening) used to produce pure water without salt, minerals and limestone.

Reverse Osmosis systems

The systems are available including water tanks dimensioned for customer needs, and our team provides delivery, installation and training for the reverse osmosis systems, which are mainly supplied as a part of our cleaning- and filtration systems.

Who uses this product?

  • Plastic industry
    Efficiently removes plastic chips, oils and contaminants from process fluids used in machining centers. We are using specially designed systems for handling the plastic residues, which is very important to ensure high quality filtration.
  • Metal industry
    Efficiently removes metal chips, oils and contaminants from process fluids used in machining centers. Its possible to filtrate both oils and water-based lubricants.
Buffer tank
The systems are including buffer tanks with level sensor which ensures quick water-changes.
Supply pump
Including Grundfos stainless steel supply pumps with pressure control to automatically start/stop water supply.

Softening of the water with salts before going into the membrane improves water quality and membrane life-cycle.
Standard systems
The wide-range og standard reverse osmosis systems can be tailored for almost every cleaning- or filtration system within our product range.
Technical data
No.DescriptionBuffer tank (liters)Production pr. hour (liters)
1000550Demi Anmasi RO 401 + Unisoft1000180
1000644Demi Anmasi Uniro 400S x 90202100400
1000860Demi ANmasi Uniro 800S x90352100800