Ultrasonic cleaning effectively and carefully removes both organic and inorganic soils from parts, using high frequency soundwaves. Ultrasonic cleaning is also friendly to the environment and cost-saving plus its cleaning the parts effectively on the inside.


This ultrasonic cleaning solution is very similar to the Maxi-series, but includes the pneumatic agitation system and a stainless steel housing.

The ultrasonic cleaning system is produced for heavy-duty parts, and offers a two-step cleaning process combining ultrasonic cleaning and pneumatic agitation of the parts. It is equipped with a stainless steel housing including front cover with gas springs for reducing noise.

Available standard modules:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Venturi jet-nozzle turbulence
  • Rinsing with air-bubble turbulence
  • Hot air drying tank
  • Vacuum drying.
Available options:

  • Filtration system
  • Automatic chemical dosing
  • Oil skimmer with belt
  • Oil separator
  • Extraction fan
  • PLC/HMI with 7” touchscreen
  • Transport trolley..

Who uses this product?

  • Workshops
    Service, maintenance and repair of trucks, cars, bikes, tools or similar tasks benefits greatly from this type of cleaning system, which is very common for this application.
  • Molding and tooling
    Whether you’re working with Injection molding tools or stamping tools, they need to be cleaned as a part of maintenance and service during production. Read more about this product, which is very common for exactly this application.
  • Dental and laboratory
    The ultrasonic cleaning systems are widely used for several applications in dental clinics and laboratories and is standard equipment for most within the industry.
100 % stainless steel construction
Produced with a stainless steel tank, frame, cabinet and basket.
Prepared for extra options
Prepared for filtration, extraction fan, oil skimmer and automatic chemical dosing system.

User-friendly analog control
Simple and reliable user-interface that makes it easy to operate.
Automatic water filling
Automatic water filling to control water level and avoid production stops.

CE - European Machine Directive
The ultrasonic cleaner is produced in accordance with the European Machine Directive.
Standard or customized solution
The ultrasonic cleaner can be tailored to your needs with special dimensions and extra options.

Double insulated machine
Insulated on the tank to reduce heat loss and on the cabinet to reduce noise.
Overflow skimming of oil
Surface skimming of oils to a separated tank unit which extend the lifetime of the process fluids and improves cleaning results.

Raised immersibles
The ultrasonic cleaner has raised transducers which are placed 100 mm above the tank bottom to prevent soils from disturbing the ultrasound.
Adjustable machine feet
Placed on adjustable stainless steel machine feet, and can also be supplied on wheels.

Pneumatic agitation / dunking
Two-step cleaning process combining ultrasound and dunking to achieve precision cleaning results.
Stainless steel housing
Manufactured with a stainless steel housing which reduces noise and improves working conditions.
Technical data
ModelMaximatic AMaximatic BMaximatic CMaximatic DMaximatic E
Volume216 L258 L362 L440 L717 L
Tank size620x660x530 mm660x740x530 mm680x920x580 mm680x1120x580 mm680x1820x580 mm
Basket size480x620x450 mm520x700x450 mm520x860x500 mm520x1060x500 mm520x1760x500 mm
Max. basket weight200 kg200 kg200 kg200 kg200 kg
Ultrasonic effect2000 W2500 W3500 W4500 W7000 W
Frequency25 or 40 Khz25 or 40 Khz25 or 40 Khz25 or 40 Khz25 or 40 Khz
Temperature0 – 85 °C0 – 85 °C0 – 85 °C0 – 85 °C0 – 85 °C
Heating effect2900 W3900 W7500 W10000 W12500 W
Power supply16 A16 A32 A32 A50 A
High pressure air6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar6 bar