High quality systems for maintaining and cleaning process fluids and lubricants

Masterclean systems

Reduce your operating costs significantly, extend the life of your tools and protect the environment with a central filtration system from us.

Our tailor-made central filtration systems for efficient filtration of lubricants and process fluids made at our factory in Denmark.

Its available either as a part- or full flow system constructed in powerful stainless steel with bandfilter, oil separator, pumps, level control, automatic dosing and touchscreen.

This is a complete solution with user-friendly control including monitoring and alarms as well as the possibility of SMS warning and a wide range of extra options.


  • Lubricants
  • Waste water
  • Process fluids
  • Cleaning fluids
  • Oil
Extra options:

  • Cooling units
  • Magnetic separator
  • Automatic dosing systems
  • Snail conveyor for dirt
  • Filter housings
  • Filter paper
  • Insulated tank unit

Who uses this product?

  • Waste water treatment
    The filtration systems are widely used for waste water treatment within the communal sector, and is often implemented into the waste water treatment lines as a significant part of pre-filtration process of coarse particles.
  • Process water recycling
    It’s important at large production plants to have efficient recycling of the process fluids to lower cost, and improve process reliability, and the filtration systems are widely used for this in the pharmaceutical- and food industry.
  • Plastic industry
    Efficiently removes plastic chips, oils and contaminants from process fluids used in machining centers. We are using specially designed systems for handling the plastic residues, which is very important to ensure high quality filtration.
  • Metal industry
    Efficiently removes metal chips, oils and contaminants from process fluids used in machining centers. Its possible to filtrate both oils and water-based lubricants.
100% Stainless steel construction
The filtration systems are produced in stainless steel grade: AISI 304
Higher overall efficiency
The reduced manpower needed for maintaining the CNC-machines, and more production hours pr. machine improves efficiency in the whole production.

Anmasi's hydrostatic bandfilter used for filtration of contaminants, particles and chips from the lubricants is standard.
Constructed 100% based on customer needs
The centralized filtration system are always produced 100% according to the customer needs, which is what separates it from the Mini-cleaner.

Reduce operation cost significantly
Anmasi's centralized filtration systems can reduce cost of up to 5.300 euro pr. year on each cionnected CNC-machine.
Effective continuous filtration
The filtration systems ensures continuous filtering of the process fluids during production.

Anmasi's innovative oilseparator with four-chamber system is build into the filtration system.
Automatic waterfilling
The Mini-cleaner filtration system is automatically controlling the waterlevel using a level sensor and magnetic valves.

Monitoring and control
The centralized filtration systems is delivered with complete monitoring systems including alarms and possibility for SMS-service.
Technical data
ModelMC 2000MC 3000MC 4500MC 8000MC 10000MC 12000MC 14000
Tank volume2000 l3000 l4500 l8000 l10.000 l12.000 l14.000 l
BandfilterUF 1000 / 350 l/min UF 1000 / 350 l/minUF 1000 / 350 l/min UF 2000 / 600 l/min UF 2000 / 600 l/minUF 2000 / 600 l/min UF 2000 / 600 l/min
OilseparatorOS-Q2 / 180 l/hour OS-Q2 / 180 l/hourOS-Q2 / 180 l/hourOS-Q2 / 180 l/hourOS-Q2 / 180 l/hourOS-Q2 / 180 l/hourOS-Q2 / 180 l/hour
Connection3x400V-50 hz. – 16 amp.3x400V-50 hz. – 16 amp.3x400V-50 hz. – 16 amp.3x400V-50 hz. – 32 amp.3x400V-50 hz. – 32 amp.3x400V-50 hz. – 32 amp.3x400V-50 hz. – 32 amp.
Labyrinth systemYesYesYesYes