Filtration systems are often considered a nice-to-have investment. And if you consider lower operation costs, improved working environment and better CSR nice-to-have this might be true. But if, like most, you consider them need-to-have, then you need to consider installing a filtration system to complement your existing cleaning equipment.


Filtration benefits both budget and environment

A proper and well-designed filtration system will remove dirt and residue from your lubricants and process fluids allowing them to be recycled over and over without damaging tools and other production equipment. This entails a number of both economic and safety related advantages.

Filtering and recycling your lubricants and process fluids will obviously reduce costs for new fluids as well as for disposal. It also reduces costs for maintenance and replacing tools and other production equipment which is subject to wear and tear when it comes into contact with fluids containing eg. metal chips, magnetic particles and graphite.

Filtration systems are also available to remove oil and grease from water preventing bacterial growth and for removing dust, hair, paint, resins and other hard particles.

The filtration system is a closed circuit system which only adds to the advantages mentioned above. Safety and working environment are dramatically improved as workers are no longer required to constantly handle and refill fluids manually. This also reduces man hours for manual refilling of fluids. Furthermore filtrating fluids will contribute positively to the environmental profile of your business.

A filtration system is suitable for most industries using lubricants, process fluids and precision cleaning equipment. From tool shops to food and medical. At Anmasi we not only design and deliver customized filtration systems. We also produce our own filters including our unique plastic filters which can be used for filtrating acids and salt water.

A filtration system adds value to your business by:
  • reducing costs for refilling and disposing of lubricants and process fluids
  • prolonging the life of tools and other equipment due to less wear and tear
  • reducing manual handling of chemicals and other dangerous fluids
  • reducing man hours for manual refilling of fluids
  • improving the overall environmental profile of your business.
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Metal chips
Alsted Metal

The filtration systems removes metal- and plastic chips to improve lifecycle of the process water and machining tools.

Oil and Grease
Brandt Metalindustri

Efficiently separates oil demulsifying oil and grease to improve lifecycle of the process water and prevent bacterial growth.

Magnetic particles and graphite

The filtration systems can be equipped with magnetic separator to remove graphite, iron oxides and other magnetic particles from the process water.

General contamination

Dust, hair, paint, resins and other hard particles etc. can be removed in our filtration systems which can filtrate down to 5 micron.