Your solution for explosive liquids with a low flash point where safety and functionality is your top priority


We are specialists in delivering ATEX-zone 2 cleaning systems used for explosion hazardous liquids and our standard system is available with both washing, rinsing and drying in an automatic and manual version. This system is cleaning the parts with ultrasonic cleaning and can be used for solvents and alcohols with a flash point of down to 12°C.

The system comes standard with ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing and drying in a unique design, where safety and functionality are paramount, which is clearly reflected in the amount of standard equipment.

The explosion protection is such that we add nitrogen to the ultrasonic cassette where the transducers are placed inside the ATEX zone, thereby removing the risk of ignition. The uniqueness of our system is that we do not have a continuous addition of nitrogen during operation, which would create a large consumption and need for a large nitrogen container, often creating some other safety issues.

Instead, we have a constant pressure monitoring of the ultrasonic cassette which is connected to a small container of nitrogen which simply maintains the nitrogen pressure and gives an alarm if a pressure drop occurs.

In addition, the cleaning system is supplied with two fans which in normal operation, operate at half capacity and in case of a breakdown on one fan, the equipment automatically switches to full operation on the other so that the risk of creating an explosive atmosphere is minimized.

In addition, both fans are equipped with a UPS which, in the event of a power failure ensures that the extraction continues for a limited period of time so that the equipment can be emptied of liquid, thereby avoiding an explosive atmosphere.

The ultrasonic cleaning system is supplied with antistatic bracelet for the operator, which ensures grounding during operation of the equipment so that the risk of ignition is eliminated during operation of the advanced cleaning system.

This cleaning system is widely used in the 3D printing industry for cleaning SLA-printed parts in epoxy and acrylic resin, but is offered for all tasks where it is necessary to work with explosive liquids. It is supplied both as a standard and special solution depending on the customer’s needs.

Who uses this product?

  • Additive manufacturing
    It is necessary to clean parts produced with a 3D printer and it almost doesn’t matter which printing technology being used. This cleaning system is developed for cleaning 3D-printed items in both small and large companies.
The ultrasonic cleaner is designed for liquids with a low flash point that creates an explosive atmosphere.
100 % stainless steel construction
The ultrasonic cleaner is with electro-polished stainless-steel surface in the work area and cabinet in brushed stainless steel.

Siemens Touch panel
The ultrasonic cleaner has a user-friendly Siemens touch panel for operation.
Level sensor
Used for protection of the ultrasonic transducers in the ultrasonic cleaning tank.

Raised immersibles
The ultrasonic cleaner has raised transducers which are placed 100 mm above the tank bottom to prevent soils from disturbing the ultrasound.
Air turbulence in rinsing
The rinsing tank is with a stainless-steel pipe mounted in the bottom of tank for creating turbulence with high pressure air.

Pressure monitoring of nitrogen
Unique pressure monitoring of the nitrogen connection ensuring constant low consumption and eliminating the risk of forming an explosive atmosphere during operation.
Automatic draining pump
Supplied with a pump that can automatically move the liquid between the tanks and thereby reduce the liquid consumption and is used for automatic emptying.

Adjustable machine feet
Placed on adjustable stainless-steel machine feet and can also be supplied on wheels.
Double fan system
The system is equipped with 2 fans in the event of a breakdown which reduces the risk of creating an explosive atmosphere.

UPS battery unit
In the event of a power failure, the operation of fans continues for a limited period to reduce the risk of creating an explosive atmosphere.
CE - European Machine Directive
The ultrasonic cleaner is produced in accordance with the European Machine Directive.

Standard or customized solution
The ultrasonic cleaner can be tailored to your needs with special dimensions and extra options
Basket holder
Safe and user-friendly holder for the baskets inside the work area so that the baskets do not lie around the machine.

Antistatic bracelet
The ultrasonic cleaner comes with antistatic bracelet used by the operator during operation comes standard with 2-meter flex cable.
Temperature protection
The equipment is with temperature protection so that it shuts down if the temperature of the liquid exceeds 60°C. It can be supplied with cooler if necessary.
Technical data
Volume pr. tank40 l
Total volumen120 l
Basket size (LxWxH)453x308x58 mm
Max. basket weight15 kg
Tank size (LxWxH)487x342x287 mm
Ultrasonic effect1000W
Frequency30 or 40 kHz
External dimensions (LxBxH)1500x880x2425 mm
Power supply3×230/400V+N+PE, 50 hz.
High pressure air6 bar