Many years of experience, dedicated employees and strong partnerships makes us your preferred partner for tailored systems meeting your requirements.


The many years of experience with cleaning systems have meant that today we have a wide range of standard solutions for the industry, but anyways we supply many customized cleaning systems every year. Therefore, after many years, we have built up a lot of specialized knowledge, which means that today we are able to supply tailor-made cleaning – and filtration systems for almost all tasks.

This experience ensures that we create a safe framework for the development of your customized solution and at the same time we have a clear idea of ​​what is possible when talking about cleaning and filtering before engaging in a project. The reason for this is our in-depth knowledge of how liquid, chemicals and materials behave in a cleaning system where they are affected by elevated temperature, flow and pressure depending on the cleaning technology or the filtration system being applied for the solution.

Customized systems usually include more than just a single machine but the whole contract, where we provide the complete solution in cooperation with our partners. This may involve cleaning systems, filtration systems, chemicals, Reverse osmosis systems, robot handling and much more.

In short, we ensure that you get the best customized solution for your needs and we are with you all the way, where we ensure you get the right guidance and invest in the necessary equipment to solve the task. So you get neither more nor less than what you need in order to achieve your goals.

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Delivered for large automotive customer in Germany

Experience the video of our tailored cleaning system with ultrasonic cleaning, spray washing, filtration, oil separator and pick-and-place system.
We were responsible for the complete solution including:

• Cleaning system
• Pick-and-place
• Cooling tunnel
• Reverse Osmosis System