Ultrasonic cleaning effectively and carefully removes both organic and inorganic soils from parts, using high frequency soundwaves. Ultrasonic cleaning is also friendly to the environment and cost-saving plus its cleaning the parts effectively on the inside.


High quality ultrasonic cleaner with a high ultrasonic effect for reliable parts cleaning every day. Suitable for many tasks.

Analogue display

  • Setting of time 0-60 min
  • Setting of temperature 0-80°C
  • Standard frequency 40 khz.

Digital multifunction display

  • Setting of time and temperature
  • Powerfunction – setting of frequency and watt-usage
  • Multifrequency, Choose between 21,5 or 40 khz.
Available options

  • Stainless steel baskets
  • Basket covers
  • Fixtures
  • Weekly timer

Who uses this product?

  • Workshops
    Service, maintenance and repair of trucks, cars, bikes, tools or similar tasks benefits greatly from this type of cleaning system, which is very common for this application.
  • Jewelry and watchmakers
    When cleaning small parts and fine mechanics, ultrasonic cleaning is what you need. Depending on the application this ultrasonic cleaning system is ideal for most tasks.
  • Dental and laboratory
    The ultrasonic cleaning systems are widely used for several applications in dental clinics and laboratories and is standard equipment for most within the industry.
Digital multifunctional display or analog control
The ultrasonic cleaner has a digital display with frequency, watt, temperature and time settings, or alternatively the more simple analog control panel.
Stainless steel construction
The ultrasonic cleaner is constructed with a stainless steel tank, cabinet and tank cover.

Including basket and lid
The ultrasonic cleaner comes with a basket and lid as standard.
Bottom valve
Bottom valve in brass for easy emptying of the tank. Not available for CL 100.
Technical data
Volume4,0 L5,7 L16 L25 L
Tank size (LxWxH)245x135x140 mm300x140x140 mm325x300x190 mm500x300x190 mm
Basket size190x100x120 mm245x110x120 mm250x245x150 mm450x250x150 mm
Outside dimensions300x170x300 mm370x180x300 mm420x330x420 mm600x330x420 mm
Ultrasonic effect160W240W320W640W
Frequency21,5 / 40 Khz21,5 / 40 Khz21,5 / 40 Khz21,5 / 40 Khz
Power supply220/240V, 50 hz.220/240V, 50 hz.220/240V, 50 hz.220/240V, 50 hz.