High quality systems for maintaining and cleaning process fluids and lubricants

Bandfilter UF

Anmasi’s high quality bandfilters are produced in stainless steel. They are mainly being used for filtration of non-explosive fluids for filtering of lubricants, oils and process fluids from cleaning systems and CNC-machines.

The bandfilters are produced in different sizes depending on customer needs and can filtrate up to 800 liters pr. minute. The bandfilters are using filtration paper which can be aquired in different types depending on the application. The bandfilters can be used separately as stand-alone-units or a build-in unit for larger filtration systems.


  • Refrigerants and lubricants
  • Process fluid
  • Oil
  • Water Treatment
  • Sewage
Additional options:

  • Filter paper
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Polypropylene and stainless steel containers
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Construction in AISI 316 L

Who uses this product?

  • Waste water treatment
    The filtration systems are widely used for waste water treatment within the communal sector, and is often implemented into the waste water treatment lines as a significant part of pre-filtration process of coarse particles.
  • Process water recycling
    It’s important at large production plants to have efficient recycling of the process fluids to lower cost, and improve process reliability, and the filtration systems are widely used for this in the pharmaceutical- and food industry.
  • Plastic industry
    Efficiently removes plastic chips, oils and contaminants from process fluids used in machining centers. We are using specially designed systems for handling the plastic residues, which is very important to ensure high quality filtration.
  • Metal industry
    Efficiently removes metal chips, oils and contaminants from process fluids used in machining centers. Its possible to filtrate both oils and water-based lubricants.
100% stainless steel construction
The bandfilters are produced in stainless steel grade: AISI 304
Efficient filtration on a particle level
The bandfilter is able to filtration down to 10 my because of its unique construction.

Electric level sensor
The electrical level sensor ensures automatic supply of filterpaper during the process.
100% exploitation of the filterpaper
The bandfilter is constructed focusing on low operation cost, which means we exploit the filterpaper completely.

CE - European machine directive
The bandfilter is produced in Denmark in accordance with the European machine directive.
Hydrostatic filter
The bandfilter is hydrostatic which means its more efficient and consumes the filterpaper optimal. Which reduced the operation cost and results in better filtration.

High flow capacity
Filtrates up to 800 liters of process fluids pr. minute and more depending on customer requirements.
Frequency-regulated automatic band
The frequency-regulated gearmotor which is automatic moving the filterpaper, ensures smooth operation and improves filtration.

Build-in overflow channel for safe-guarding against a high fluid level.
Technical data
ModelUF 500UF 1000UF 2000
Length965 mm965 mm1965 mm
Width700 mm1200 mm1200 mm
Inlet height (kaskade)538 mm538 mm657 mm
Inlet height (normal)480 mm480 mm599 mm
Flow capacity150 l/min350 l/min600 l/min
Electrical connection220-240V – 50 hz.220-240V – 50 hz.220-240V – 50 hz.
Control voltage24V24V24V
Safety classificationIP 54IP 54IP 54