Subsidiary in Germany must put further growth in exports

Anmasi and KSN Industri established last month a subsidiary in Germany, where they are rented into some renovated buildings and hired a Sales Manager to handle the German market.
The reason for this is an ever-increasing export to Germany, and the desire to further increase market share by being closer to the market, thereby providing a better service by being locally present.

The cooperation

The market in Germany is significantly larger than in Denmark, and especially the big automotive industry is very interesting for both Anmasi and KSN Industri, which both produce cleaning systems of different types. This new cooperation in Germany will also apply in Denmark in the longer term. Where they will collaborate on production, which means that KSN Industri will in the future produce all druwashers and conveyor washers for the Danish and German markets, as well as other countries.

Anmasi will continue the production of ultrasonic cleaning systems, filtration systems and oil separators. In addition, Anmasi serves as a sales and service company that offers solutions within the cleaning systems and filtration plants to Denmark, Germany and the rest of the world.

Starting out hard

The companies are participating at the Euroblech fair in Hannover, where they exhibit several different types of their cleaning and filtration systems through the new subsidiary. In addition, both companies have already signed up for several fairs in Germany in 2017, but also in Denmark where they meet up with their entire product range at the VTM fair and the Industrial Fair in Herning.


It is the goal of the new subsidiary Anmasi GmbH to invest heavily in the German market, so that through our cooperation we can have a strong position on the market, as in Denmark.

In addition, the competencies within sales, marketing, ultrasonic cleaning and filtration facilities at Anmasi combined with the competencies of KSN Industri in the field of drum- and conveyor washers, special, automation and robots so that we can offer solutions for both simple and complicated tasks.

Therefore, through collaboration we will develop solutions that will not only develop new markets, but also challenge the solutions and technology already in the industry.

The process is already under way

All of this is already working at full speed, and Anmasi has already sold the first four washing facilities to a large German company, which will be delivered within the next six months to factories in Poland, China and Germany. These plants were previously produced by Anmasi, but this task has now been taken over by KSN Industri, which has many years of experience with this type of cleaning system.

Additionally, there are several projects that are expected to come over the next six months.

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