Anmasi gets the highest credit rating

The rapid growth over the last 5 years at Anmasi A/S has resulted in the company now being among the only 2% of Danish companies which gets the highest credit rating from Bisnode.

What does it mean to you as a customer?

In short, it means that as a customer you are doing business with a healthy company with the desired financial stability that it requires offering good service and invest in the future.

The AAA assessment is only awarded to 2% of Danish companies each year, and it demands you are a well-established company that has been existing for a minimum of 5 years.

The assessment is based on an impartial expert model with over 2,400 parameters which together assess how healthy your company is.

Of course, at Anmasi A/S we are proud of the excellent rating and will continue working on the development of our business in order to offer even better products and services in the future for our clients.

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